Q. What is the difference between Standard and NOLS-Style Lids?

A. The standard lid has an “L” shaped bracket riveted with 2 rivets to the lid for lifting it and the NOLS style lid has a wingnut on a bolt through a single hole in the center of the lid. The lids are made of the same material and weigh the same. The “L” shaped bracket can get bent back and forth enough times that it breaks and thus NOLS prefers a wingnut which will never break. The average Fry-Bake user should not have any problem with the tab breaking as long as care is taken to not bend it. Most damage is caused in transit rather than when in use. The “L” shaped bracket is a bit more versatile as it has a hole in it through which you can poke a stick or install an “O” ring or “S” hook.

Lid Comparison

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