Slick and Twisted Trails

I’ve used Fry-Bake pans to fry trout, bake cinnamon rolls and even make pizza while in the backcountry. And weighing in at under 12 ounces, this little pan is well-worth the price.
— Casey Fielder, of Slick & Twisted Trails, in his Best Backpacking Frying Pans review.

Dave Freeman uses Deep Alpine

Dave and Amy Freeman have used Fry-Bakes on their paddle and sail journey from Ely, MN to Washington DC and on their year in the Boundary Waters to raise awareness of the environmental threat to this area. They posted a review of their gear at GearJunkie with these words :

“We use a Deep Alpine most of the time…With a little practice you can bake just about anything you would bake at home.”


Gear Institute

Craig Rowe says Banks Fry Bake Expedition Bake Set…it’s the best piece of backcountry cookware available….The tough pan bakes pizzas and fries bacon. What else does a human need ? Read more

WD-40, Duct Tape and Fry-Bake

“They say man only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make things stop. To that short list, we’d like to add the Banks Fry-Bake Pan — a truly lightweight frying pan that’s perfect for cooking — and baking — in the backcounry… Next to a map and maybe a compass, it’s the most important tool we carry with us.” — The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education


The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education

“One of the best pieces of equipment…”

“I tell ya, this FryBake aluminum pan is one of the best pieces of equipment for luxury camping, luxury ultra lightweight camping I’ve ever purchased.”

– Yankeeprepper

“People thought I was a little crazy about these pans before!”

“People thought I was a little crazy about these pans before, they’re sure going to get sick of me going on about them now!” This after a fire destroyed their garage where the FryBakes were stored.”

Read the whole story.

– Shaun Floerke Duluth, MN

“I’ve carried it all over North America.”

“SUPER ITEM: Following my 1982 NOLS Course in the Cascades I could not wait to purchase a “Bomb Proof” Alpine FryBake Pan and since have carried it all over North America with the family with GREAT SUCCESS now for over 25 years. If you are hesitant in a purchase, I can guarantee your purchase will be well worth every penny you spend in the utility it provides.”

– Ken Larson 

“500 days of use and still going strong.”

“I’ve had mine in use for 14 years and well in excess of 500 days of use and still going strong.”

– Bob Geier

“I love them.”

“I had long been looking for an alternative to my heavy cast-iron cookware that would allow me to bake, just as I did in my Dutch ovens, yet was lightweight, versatile, and could withstand the rigors of camping and life on the road. Last year I took the plunge, and bought a set of the FryBake pans I had read so much about in backpacker magazine and at the NOLS site. I love them.”

– hoboknitter twokniveskatie

“We’re really impressed with your pans!”

“We’re really impressed with your pans! They helped my students cook up a lot of fun, great memories, and a lasting impression of just how tasty freshly-baked food can be on a camp-out!”

– Dave Fujiyama, Garden Grove, CA, a Science Teacher, and Faculty Adviser for the Wilderness Adventures Club, Bolsa Grande High School

“Thanks for making a fine product.”

Dear Banks FryBake Company,

I am writing to you from the bottom of Slickrock Canyon in Southeastern Utah. My purpose is to thank you for the durability and consistent performance of your FryBake cooking ware. Last night I enjoyed a hearty dinner of back country pizza and this morning ate pancakes cooked in your product.

As a history teacher and wilderness program instructor for the High Mountain Institute in Leadville, Colorado I make frequent use of your FryBake. We are a semester program for high school students and run three wilderness trips per semester to supplement traditional academic work with an experiential leadership curriculum. One of our core classes during the first expedition is baking which of course relies wholly on the proper and varied uses of the FryBake.  

Thanks for making a fine product.

– Matt Turnbull High Mountain Institute