About the Pans

Fry-Bake PansFry-Bake pans are unique lightweight frying pans designed for outdoor cooking and baking. This cookware features a durable, somewhat no stick surface and specially contoured lid to accommodate a small twig fire, coals or briquettes for baking.

Fry-Bake pans are excellent for frying, steaming, sautéing and baking any number of delicious recipes. Extremely durable and designed to be used with metal utensils, the pans are of aluminum construction with an anodized hardcoat cooking surface which makes for easy clean up after use.

Fry-Bake pans are designed to marry the attributes of non-stick cookware with the durability and baking capability of cast iron Dutch ovens. They can be scrubbed clean with river sand or scouring pads without damage to the cooking surface.

Fry-Bake pans have been used by outdoor schools such as the National Outdoor Leadership School and Outward Bound since 1979. The pans are favored by guides, college and university outdoor programs and individuals for their durability and function. Fry-Bake pans have been used on Expeditions to the Arctic, the Yukon, the Polynesian Islands, and places near and far on every continent. In the wilderness, on your outdoor gas grill or in your kitchen at home, you won’t find a better, more versatile cooking pan.