The NOLS Cookery

NOLS Cookery Field EditionField Edition by Claudia Pearson published by National Outdoor Leadership School (2010)

More Backcountry Cooking

More Backcountry Cooking book cover“The Banks Fry-Bake Pan is a modern-day equivalent of the cast-iron or cast-aluminum Dutch oven. At 10 ounces (Alpine model) and 29 ounces (Expedition model) it is far, far lighter than traditional Dutch ovens that weigh 4 to 7 pounds or more. The Fry-Bake pan is made of tough, scratch-resistant anodized aluminum. You can use the pan as you would a Dutch Oven, placing coals below and above (the lid is designed to accommodate embers).

Or, you can place the pan on a cookstove and build a small twiggy fire on top of the lid to achieve the oven effect. Because of the heat source from above, you get a nicely browned crust. The Fry-Bake pan serves as a frying pan and is a worthwhile investment for backpackers and paddlers alike.

The key is to monitor the heat. … “ 

by Dorcas S. Miller published by The Mountaineers Books (2002)

Backcountry Cooking

Backpacker Backcountry Cooking book coverFrom Pack to Plate in 10 Minutes by Dorcas S. Miller published by The Mountaineers Books (1998)  

The Portable Baker

Portable Baker book cover“This is a baking pan that truly lives up to its claim of great construction and ease of use. This product is built to last…it is an excellent pan and one I do not hesitate to recommend highly.”

Baking on Boat and Trail by Jean and Samuel Spangenberg published by Ragged Mountain Press (1997)

Cooking the One Burner Way

Cooking the One Burner Way

“Gear for the Outdoor Kitchen
As every cook and carpenter know, one of the big secrets of a great product is using the right tool for the job. In the backcountry, gourmet meals can be prepared with a minimum of simple cooking gear, but it should be thoughtfully chosen for maximum chef-ness.

Our favorite is the Banks Fry-Bake Pan, an aluminum pan with an anodized hardcoat for easy cleaning and great durability. The snug-fitting lid allows you to build a twiggy fire on top if baking requires one…”

by Melissa Gray and Buck Tilton published by ICS Books, Inc. (1994)

Wilderness Cuisine

Wilderness Cuisine book cover“I use the Banks Fry-Bake Pan. It’s designed for the mini-oven method of baking and is a quality piece of equipment. It can give baking results like a real oven, and it doubles as a frying pan. It’s a heavier gauge aluminum pan with a tough, stick-resistant anodized coating that you can use with metal utensils. It comes with a rigid, domed lid. You build a twig fire on the lid and turn your stove down to simmer to create a mini-oven. Once you get the hang of it, it bakes delicious biscuits, brownies, yeast breads, pizza, quick breads, and casseroles. This baking system is faster and uses far less fuel than the water-temperature baking method….”

by Carole Latimer, published by Wilderness Press (1991)