Company History

In 1977 after a backpacking trip with family and friends, my Dad and I designed the first Fry-Bake. He had the knowledge and experience of metal manufacturing with a facility for production. I had the field experience to know where to start with a design.

In 1979, the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and I teamed up to purchase the first production run of Expedition model Fry-Bake pans and lids after several prototypes had been tested in the field on NOLS courses and by Instructors then working for the school. Production of the Alpine model pan started in 1988. NOLS continues to use Fry-Bake on their courses.

Both the Expedition model pan and the Alpine model pan have changed only very slightly since the first production run in 1979 though after a decade of Bomco, Inc. producing them, N.E. Metal Spinning took over the job and continues to manufacture them today.

N.E. Metal Spinning is a small business located in Atkinson, New Hampshire. They purchase aluminum which has been manufactured in the United States and do an expert job of cutting the aluminum to size and then spinning it to the shape of the pan. The pans are then taken to Dav-Tech Plating, Inc. in Marlborough, Massachusetts where they are hard anodized and returned to N.E. Metal Spinning for my pick-up.

In 2010 American International Eng. & Mfg., Inc., San Fernando, CA started manufacturing PotGripz from food grade aluminum for Fry-Bake  to fill the need for a lightweight, low cost pot lifter for use with the Fry-Bake.

And that is the history of Banks Fry-Bake pans.