Expedition Fry-Bake Set


Pan measures 10 1/2″ diameter x 2″ deep, holds 10 cups (2.4 liters) when full, and weighs 19 oz, 4 pounds + less than a similarly-sized cast iron pan.

Set weighs less than 29 oz and is easy to clean!

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Fry, bake, steam and sauté.

The Expedition Fry-Bake Pan is spun from .090” 60-61 “O” temper aluminum then given Uniform Anodic Coating of .002 inches of clear hardcoat; weighs less than 19 oz.

Standard and NOLS-Style Expedition Fry-Bake Lids are spun from .062 inch 1100 “O” temper aluminum and weigh 10 oz.

The Standard Lid has an “L” shaped tab for lifting riveted with 2 rivets to the lid. This tab has a small hole in it to allow for insertion of a stick, “O” ring or “S” hook.

The NOLS-Style Lid has a wingnut installed with a bolt through a single hole in the center of the lid. This style is the easiest to customize with the addition of your own knob or handle for lifting the lid by replacing the wingnut.

Fry-Bake Expedition pan and lid
Expedition Fry-Bake Set